Our Cocktail Options

(Minimum 15 people)

« Prestige »

  • Sparkling wine, Cassis liqueur
  • White and red wine
  • Beer
  • Orange and tomato juice, soft drinks and water

« The Métropole »

  • Champagne, Kirr Royal, white wine, liquor of blackcurrant
  • Red wine
  • Beer
  • Fresh orange and tomato juice
  • soft drinks and water

«Belgian tradition»

  • Maes, Grimbergen blonde, Grimbergen brune, Kriek, Gueuze, raspberry beer, Affligem triple, Brugs Witbier
  • Soft drinks, orange juice, tomato juice, wzter)
  Prestige Métropole Belgian Tradition
€19,00 €27,00 21
€25,00 €36,00 €26
€32,00 €44,00 32
€39,00 €52,00 €38,00
€51,00 €66,00 €46,00

All our cocktail options are served with crisps, peanuts and olives.

Our Canapés

« Classique style» at €3,00 per canapé (Choice hot or cold canapés)

Selection of cold canapés :


  • Tomato tartare and green asparagus tartlet
  • Smoked salmon and cucumber on toast
  • Black olive tapenade and mozzarella on toast
  • Smoked ham, fromage frais and chives on toast
  • Hummus and grilled sesame seeds on toast
  • Turkey dijonnaise and grilled bacon on toast
  • Zucchini tartare, tomato and Parmesan tartlet
  • Fromage frais, smoked trout and flaxseeds on toast

Option 2

  • Ham on the bone, fromage frais and capers on toast
  • Lumpfish roe, hard-boiled egg and lemon on toast
  • Fromage frais, radish and chives on toast
  • Carrot tartare and goat's cheese tartlet
  • Salami, olive tapenade and Parmesan on toast
  • Crab salad and cherry tomato on toast
  • Emmental, mushroom duxelles and almonds on toast
  • Filet d'Anvers, fromage frais and spices on toast

Option 3

  • Green vegetable moelleux with fromage frais and brown shrimp
  • Fougasse with Italian ham, fromage frais and candied tomatoes
  • Sweet pepper moelleux with aubergine caviar, walnuts and Grana Padano
  • Smoked salmon roulade with black sesame seeds
  • Tomato, mozzarella and black olive skewers
  • Rose of Filet d'Anvers and red pepper tapenade
  • Brioche with sesame seeds, candied figs and foie gras
  • Polenta with fromage frais, herbs and smoked bacon

Selection of hot canapés :

Option 1

  • Shrimp and vegetable verrine
  • Cheese croquettes
  • Ham tartlet
  • Ballotine of vegetables and soya
  • Brown shrimp bouchée

Option 2

  • Chicken bouchée
  • Crab shell
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Pepper tapenade and goat's cheese corolla
  • Smoked salmon and ricotta tulips

Option 3

  • Bombay shrimp
  • Butterfly Hawaii
  • Shanghai shrimp
  • Bermuda shrimp

Cocktails with Platters: €60.00 per participant (min. 25 participants – platter service)

Cold section :

  • Scallops with lemon
  • Tuna tartare with creamy tomato sauce
  • Salmon with heavy cream, cucumber and dill
  • Beef Carpaccio with olive oil and Parmesan
  • Sliced salmon with dill

Hot section :

  • Cod Parmentier with cheese
  • Crispy black pudding, fruit sauce, cinnamon and vanilla
  • Brioche stuffed with snails, garlic and herb butter
  • Seasonal soup
  • Breton-style mini scallops

Dessert :

  • Dark chocolate mousse with chocolate shavings
  • Cottage cheese with pistachio
  • Panna cotta with red berry jelly
  • Coconut mousse with passion fruit coulis
  • Crème brûlée with vanilla
  • Chocolate moelleux

It is possible to create your own buffet on request