Our Cocktail Options

(Minimum 15 people)

« Classique »

  • Cassis liqueur
  • White and red wine
  • Beer
  • Orange and tomato juice, soft drinks and water

« Prestige »

  • Méthode traditionnelle, white wine with a liquor of Blackcurrant
  • White and red wine
  • Beer
  • Orange and tomato juice, soft drinks and water

« The Métropole »

  • Champagne, Kirr Royal, white wine, liquor of blackcurrant
  • Red wine
  • Beer
  • Fresh orange and tomato juice
  • soft drinks and water

«Belgian tradition»

  • Artisan beer (IV seasons, Bon Voeux, gueuze, Kriek, raspberry and bière de miel (honey)
  • Soft drinks, orange juice, tomato juice, wzter)

"Fresh juices"

Fresh fruit juice (carrot, mango, strawberry and appel)
Raspberry/banane smoothie

  Classique Prestige Métropole Belgian Tradition Fresh juice
€12,00 €17,00 €25,00 N/A €12,00
€18,00 €24,00 €34,00 €30,00 €18,00
€24,00 €31,00 €42,00 N/A €24,00
€29,00 €38,00 €50,00 €48,00 N/A
€39,00 €50,00 €64,00 €62,00 N/A

All our cocktail options are served with crisps, peanuts and olives.

Our Canapés

« Classique style» at €3,00 per canapé (Choice hot or cold canapés)

Cold canapés :

  • Pink salmon toast with fresh cheese or
  • Roll of Italian ham, mellow pepper tapenade or
  • Spice bread with foie gras and dried apricot or
  • Tartelette of Italian vegetables, cauliflower and green asparagus
  • Olive, goat's cheese and tomato tapenade
  • Tartelette of tomato tartar and green asparagus
  • Toast of smoked salmon and cucumber
  • Toast with a black olive and mozzarella tapenade
  • Nut toast of smoked ham, fromage frais and chice
  • Salmon and broad bean mousse blinis
  • Nut toast of ham and an artichoke tapenade
  • Toast of aubergine caviar and smoked duck breast
  • tartelette of grilled vegetables and parmesan tartar

Hot canapés :

  • Bolognese and cheese pizza
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Croque-Monsieur
  • Cheese filled puff pastry
  • Leek quiche
  • Roasted cocktail sausage wrapped in pastry
  • Pig in blankets
  • Traditional pizza

«Deluxe style » : €5,00 per canapé.  (Coice of small glasses /small plates). Platter service

Cocktails with Platters: €60.00 per participant (min. 25 participants – platter service)

Cold section :

  • Fresh sardine and mackerel fillet marinated in lemon and olive oil, specially prepared and served in a sardine can
  • In-house marinated and smoked plate of salmon
  • Cone of shrimp with a shrimp-stuffed tomato
  • Carpaccio of beef with parmesan presented in a box crafted from camembert
  • Mousse of foie gras and smoked poultry served in a tumbler, fennel fondue with hazelnut dressing

Hot section :

  • Pairing of skewered scampi and beef, served with a sweet and sour sauce and tabbouleh
  • Fish soup incorporating Rouille sauce, accompanied by croutons
  • Roasted pork ribs caramelised in barbeque sauce, confit sweet potato
  • Ballottine of chicken served on a bed of mushrooms and shallots, sauce supreme
  • Rolled salmon and Ardenne ham stuffed with stir fried vegetables in a shallot sauce

Dessert :

  • White chocolate and praline crémeuse, served with dark chocolate Chantilly cream
  • Lemon tartelette
  • Clafouti (Baked cherry tart), each served in its own individual box
  • Gazpacho of red fruits served in a glass cylinder